Decoration Ideas

10 Most trendy Wedding Decoration Ideas

2018 is the best year to get hitched – wondering why? Because 2018 is witnessing wonderful wedding trends which we know you would love to revel in!! Let’s have a look at few of these!

Local culture themes:
2018 is paving its way for destination weddings that are “local culture” themed! Bring in the culture of whichever place you plan to have your wedding in and watch the magic unravel – your guests will love the concept, and you will have fun too – a great way to etch this day into your hearts forever!

Green aisle:
Ditch the floral pieces and go in for pots that are brimming with greenery! This trend is slowly catching up, with people lining up the aisles with pots of different shapes and sizes to give the wedding an earthy and authentic look – thumbs up from our side!

Colourful florals:
No, they aren’t entirely out of the picture! It’s a wedding after all! But people are surely ditching the traditional white, red, purple flowers and going in for different, unique pastel-shaded flowers that have a homely and cosy look. Way to go!

When you run out of things to cover up those empty walls and spaces, balloons come to the rescue! A cheap and effective way to keep the festive look intact. Add in a dash of ribbons and voila – you have a picture perfect look right there!

Garden or Barn party:
You can have your after-party in a garden or barn – a sweet homely little affair with tonnes of fairy lights and candles to make the place look romantic and cosy! It won’t cost you a lot, but you sure will be guaranteed with an intimate wedding party with tonnes of sweet memories!

Drapes add a fairytale-ish look to the space. Patterned drapes or sheer drapes give a subtle, elegant and chic wedding look. And you should try and emphasise on drapes being a part of your decor.

Colourful glassware:
Ditch the crystals and go in for colourful, bohemian glassware! They look fantastic, plus are a great reflection of your personality and choice. Weddings needn’t be a formal affair, and you should try and keep it as simple and cosy as you can, to make sure everyone has a ball!

Creeper canopy:
Create a unique canopy with creepers – and shape it as you like. Add a dash of fairy lights and hey – you have a fantastic entry right there!

Creeper canopy:

Bamboo chairs:
If your wedding is an outdoor affair, include bamboo chairs to give it a more homely look. Throw around a few cushions and drapes, and you’re done. Guests love weddings where they can be themselves and need not be uptight.

Glass jars and candle holder:
Glass jars used as lanterns and intricate candle holders are all set to make a mark in the weddings of 2018! Whatever be your theme or decor, you can always include plenty of these to give a touch of elegance to your wedding!

So? You’re mind running wild with ideas, right? That’s what we intended to do!!