3 questions to answer when you plan the buck’s party

Although it has many names, the buck’s night (or stag night or bachelor party) has a proud tradition of being the last time a man can let loose with his friends before his marriage. It is often organised by the best man, and there can be a lot of pressure. If that’s you, then this is the guide you need!

Who do you invite?

Possibly even more importantly, who do you not invite? It goes without saying that you should bring the boys together for the occasion, along with brothers and possibly male cousins of the groom. You should try to avoid bringing any older family members, and especially avoid inviting any of the bride’s family.

If you do end up having some of the groom’s older relatives who want to relive their glory days, or have the father of the bride along to keep an eye on him, then try to do a mundane activity in the afternoon and then get rid of them.

When do you do it?

Brides and priests alike tend to frown on the groom falling down drunk at the altar, so it’s best not to do a big one the night before the wedding. The weekend before the wedding is a good time – the boys won’t have to work the next day, and it will be a welcome break from wedding preparations for the groom.

What do you do?

This will depend on the groom. If he just wants to relax and have fun with his mates then you can just do a casual activity with beers in the afternoon, followed by some serious drinking that night. Golf (or mini golf) is a good activity, or bowling. Bare foot bowls is also fun, with the added bonus that you can spend the rest of the night drinking at the club house.

If he and your mates are a bit wilder, you might want to go clubbing and maybe end up at a strip club. Alternatively, you could hire a strip show in a hotel or function room. A function room has the added benefit that all of the mayhem is contained, so that you don’t lose people as the day goes on.

It almost goes without saying, of course, that the groom should be wearing a costume (in fact all of you can – but his has to be the funniest). Some good options are animal suits, or sexy Halloween outfits. If all this is sorted, then go nuts!

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