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How to find the best wedding photography for your wedding

Wedding photography is one of the most important parts of planning the big day and it’s easy to see why. Everyone not only wants a perfect wedding but for that perfect wedding to be captured in timeless photographs that will be cherished for generations.

Because of this wedding photography is a highly lucrative and competitive service within the wedding industry and choosing the best option can prove tricky. There are so many different photographers each with their own unique style, work ethic and pricing structure.

Let’s take a look at some tips on how to find the perfect wedding photography to document your wedding day!

Check out their portfolio of work

While the photographer you choose does not need to shoot weddings exclusively, the best in the business will have dedicated their craft to weddings alone. From their websites you should be able to browse albums of their top photos from the many weddings they have successfully shot in the past.

From looking at their past work you should be able to instinctively know if this is the style that you are looking for. Photography, like any art form, is valued subjectively and while camera technology and technique can be optimised most of the time the quality of a photograph will be your own opinion.

If you see a certain style that you really love then you can probably show it to photographer and ask them do shoot your wedding in the specific way. While you’re not a photography expert you know what you like and they should be willing to accommodate that.

Find out how they work

The manner in which the photographer works on the big day is important in making sure that everything goes smoothly. Perhaps they are better at taking candid photos from the outside looking in or maybe they’re better at getting amongst the guests and prompting photo opportunities.

Sometimes the best choices will be male/female team of photographers who each document the wedding from their unique perspectives. Often the masculine and feminine perspective of the wedding is worth seeing in the photographs of it afterwards.

Find out what equipment they are using

If you already like the quality of their work then you will probably already be happy with the cameras and lenses they are using. Nevertheless, some photographers will be more expensive because they can use a higher quality camera, so you’ll need to determine how much picture quality is worth you.