Wedding Dress

What wedding dress style is right for you?

There are a number of wedding dress styles out there, and which one you pick will be determined by both your body shape and your personal style. So let’s have a look at what they are!

Ball gown

A ball gown style has full skirts and trims the waist, emphasising the bust. This style is great for full-figured women, or a bride who wants to emphasise her breasts over her lower body. It is also a very formal dress, suited for big church weddings and classy receptions.

Sheath dress

A sheath dress will follow your body’s natural shape. It is good for a tall, slender woman, as well being very glamourous. A belt worn with the dress can bring in the waist a little more and show off your curves a little. This dress is also a strong choice if you have a good bum!


A mermaid wedding dress is a great style for a woman with serious curves. It is very form fitting along the torso to just below the hips, where it flares out to the ground. This dress is probably a better choice for a shorter woman than the ball gown, but the body shapes for these two options are quite similar.


An A-line dress is another classic shape. It has a fitted bodice to minimise the waist and emphasise the bust, and the skirt gently flows over the hips before expanding closet to the ground. It is flattering on most body shapes, and is neither top nor bottom heavy. Even if you aren’t sure that you want an A-line, this dress is a good place to start as it is in the middle ground between the ball gown, mermaid and sheath dresses.


For a non-traditional wedding, or even for the reception, a short dress is perfect. The length can be mini (to show off killer legs), knee-length (for a combination of class and comfort), or tea-length (which brings some serious 50’s glamour). If you’re worried about movement in a floor length dress, then short is the style for you. Short is also almost essential for an outdoor wedding, as it is almost impossible to keep a full length gown clean in the outside.

Now that you’ve picked out the dress style there are a number of other decisions to make. You need to decide whether to go backless or not, whether to have sleeves (and the length) and whether to have a train. The dress style, however, is the most important part.

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