Facts About Ladies Pleasure That You Didn't Know

Facts About Ladies Pleasure That You Didn’t Know

Pleasing a woman is not as straightforward as pleasing a man. Some people claim to understand what drives their women to the apex of their pleasure, but many of them don’t know as much as they claim to know.

Just like in men, orgasm is the height of ladies’ pleasure, but getting a woman to reach orgasm is an entire course, and it differs for many women. Yet, some self-appointed sexual experts seem to know it all when it comes to female orgasm.

In most cases, what most of them know are misconceptions. Here are some of these misconceptions about ladies pleasure and female orgasms.

Popular Female Orgasm Misconceptions

  1. Inability to have an orgasm is psychological: Many believe that a woman who finds it difficult to have an orgasm is not psychologically okay. This is not true. Orgasm is physical as much as it is psychological. Health challenges and inadequate lubrication can prevent a woman from having an orgasm the same way poor mental health will.
  2. Healthy orgasm comes from penetrative sex: This also is not true. Some women can only have an orgasm and achieve ladies pleasure from clitoral stimulation, and this doesn’t make it unhealthy or low-class.
  3. Vaginal orgasm is impossible: Vaginal orgasm is that which comes from penetrative sex. Truly, it is less common than clitoral stimulation, but it is possible. Some women have them either by also stimulating the vagina or touching the nipples, while some have them with extra stimulation other than penetrative sex.
  4. You only orgasm when you’re in love: While having an emotional connection with your sexual partner helps you attain ladies pleasure, it is not a strict requirement for getting an orgasm. Not every lady needs to be loved before she can orgasm. Oral sex, long-lasting sex, and acting out sexual fantasies can lead to orgasm without necessarily engaging in them with someone you love.
  5. You can tell when a woman has had an orgasm: There may be signs such as cries or sweat after a woman has had an orgasm but that isn’t always the case. Some women don’t show any of the signs when they orgasm. You can only when you ask them.

At this point, you may begin to wonder what exactly are ladies’ pleasures? What makes them reach orgasm?

Shocking Facts About Ladies Pleasure

Ladies pleasure

We gathered some shocking facts about ladies’ pleasure and sexual preferences from the research by Indiana University’s researchers Debby Herbenick and others.

Here’s a summary of their findings:

  • Intercourse alone is not sufficient for orgasm. 36% of the women surveyed, who were all heterosexual women, agreed that they need their clitoris to be stimulated before they reach orgasm. An equal amount of women believe that you don’t need clitoral stimulation. However, it made for a more pleasurable orgasm. Only a tiny tint fraction agreed that intercourse alone is enough to reach orgasm.
  • All orgasms are not the same. Most of the women agreed that some orgasms they’ve had felt better than the others. Ladies pleasure differs.
  • Direct clitoral stimulation wins the vote. There’s always been an argument on how to stimulate the clitoris. More than half of the respondents of this survey agreed that direct stimulation was more pleasurable than indirect stimulation. Amongst those who preferred indirect stimulation, most preferred touching the clitoris through the skin on the hood rather than the other touching techniques.
  • Repeated rhythmic motion is the most preferable pattern of clitoral stimulation. This is the most used pattern, however, though some ladies prefer that their partner concentrates on one part of the motion – like applying more pressure on the left side of the genitals.
  • Firm pressure on the genitals hardly gets the job done. Another majority agreement in the survey was that applying light to medium pressure on the genitals helped them reach orgasm better than firm pressure.

The conclusion here is that ladies’ pleasure, especially from attaining orgasm may not be what you imagined or even what you’ve read. You’ll always need to ask your partner her preferences to please her better.

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