Wedding Ideas

What old traditions can you replace in your wedding?

Weddings are always an elaborate affair – with all the customs, traditions, decor, food, guests and the list goes on! But there’s an escape route – you can opt not to include these traditions (they are outdated!). Read on!

You can have only two wedding colours:

Who said so? Multiple shades are now ruling, and you can always have that bohemian, hippie-themed wedding you wanted! The old rule may ask you to stick to two colours, but why not when you can bring in the colours of the spring to brighten up your wedding?

Walk down the aisle to Wagner’s ‘Bridal Chorus”:

Nope, you no longer need to do that! You can walk down the aisle to whichever song managed to touch your heart enough for it to be a part of your wedding ceremony! It could be your favourite song or you and your dad’s ideal pick, or it could be one with a beautiful memory attached to it! Your wedding- your choice!

The ceremony has to be formal:

This concept is long lost now – you can have the most informal, cosy wedding you want to!

And more importantly, your guests-they love to unwind in weddings where they don’t have to run about in uptight clothes-a chilled out marriage is always welcome! And it’s much easier to plan, right?

Bridesmaids have to be female and groomsmen male:

Not necessarily you have a female confidante right? You may have always gelled along with your boy gang (for brides) or girl gang (for girls) better! So who said your bridesmaid has to be a girl? You can choose whomever you want to! Same applies to the groom’s women’ too!!

Your wedding bands have to match:


Oh no no! You both can get whatever wedding bands you that you think your better half would love and cherish for all their lives! So yes, customise as you want, get creative and bring the best ring for your partner!

Your father should walk you down the aisle:

If it’s not feasible or possible, you have to look for other alternatives. Bring in your brother or your mother to do the honours! You could also have your closest relative or anyone who means a lot to you to walk you down the aisle.

You should exchange traditional vows:

You can customise your vows as much as you want – to make them more relatable, with a loving touch. Always better to have a ceremony that’s meaningful to you both rather than having one that’s monotonous!

Way to go, people – plan your unique and “modern” wedding!